Chantilly Farm provides a variety of opportunities for event sponsorship for area businesses and individuals. Reach out to learn how event sponsorships can benefit the community and build greater awareness for your brand!


Enhances credibility and trust for your business in the local and regional community. Consumers love to see that businesses support the communities in which they operate!


Highly targeted marketing opportunities are often available at festivals and special events. Depending upon the demographic attending a particular event, this can be perfect for research and development, new product announcements, or any other marketing message that you’d like to convey.


An opportunity to leverage new leads for your product, service, or business. Most event attendees will have friends who have similar interests and will very likely recommend your business to those friends.


Opportunities for media exposure! Events are marketed through a variety of channels that include print, radio, digital and broadcast, each giving your business a unique opportunity to attach your brand to pre-event advertising. This has potential to provide your brand with additional visibility in markets that you may not have tapped into yet.


Brand awareness is important for any business. Logo placement on flyers, brochures, websites, emails, tickets, or other event materials can go a long way in increasing the visibility of your brand to event audiences.


Events often provide an opportunity to set up an informational booth that showcases everything that your business offers. Take the opportunity to distribute product samples, trial offers, business literature, or just take the time to meet and talk to prospective new customers!


Potential tax deductions and write-offs. Certain events, particularly those sponsored by non-profit entities, can be accounted for as charitable donations.

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Personalized sponsorships that meet the direct needs of the marketing goals of your business are available by calling (540)808-4984.